We are a California consumer protection and civil litigation law firm that sues banks, finance companies, debt collectors, repossession agencies and others for collection abuses, wrongful repossessions and other unlawful business practices.

Based in Beverly Hills, we bring individual and class action consumer law and civil cases throughout California. We have relieved thousands of consumers of over $100 million in alleged debt, and collected millions of dollars in damages for our clients. We generally are contingency lawyers, meaning that if we take your case, you will pay nothing for us to represent you.

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Practice Areas

Debt Collector Harassment

Companies must abide by the fair debt collection laws when attempting to collect money or property. Violations of those laws include filing suit on a time-barred debt and false threats of arrest or wage garnishment.

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Car Repossessions

A creditor can repossess a car only if the contract allows it, and the repossessor must complete the repossession without a breach of the peace. Even after a legal repossession, the creditor must provide notice to a consumer of his or her rights.

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Debt Collection Defense

Consumers often are confronted with a lawsuit based on an old debt, or a lawsuit brought by a “debt buyer” they never heard of prior to being sued. Fortunately, there are viable options for consumers in collection matters.

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Civil Litigation

Laws protect individuals and businesses from unfair practices and competitive harm. Enforcing those laws is not always cost-prohibitive, but rather disputes can be resolved in an efficient, pragmatic and thoughtful manner.

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