Below are many of the frequently asked questions we receive. We kindly ask that you review all of these questions and answers if you are considering becoming a client of our firm. Please feel free to contact us with additional questions.

Do you charge a fee for looking at my case?
No. We never charge a fee for our initial evaluation of a case.

Do you charge a fee if you decide to take my case
Generally, we do not charge a fee for representation. We primarily are contingency lawyers. This means that we pay all of the costs in a case, and we will recover our fees from the defendants only if we win the case.

On what kind of cases do you charge fees?
We generally charge a fee for defending consumers in debt collection cases (i.e., if you are sued on a debt). The amount of the fee depends on the case. We also generally charge for representation in civil litigation matters. Our fee structure in civil litigation cases depends on the specific matter. We are flexible and welcome alternative fee arrangements.

Will you tell me in advance if there is a fee for your services?
Yes. We will never charge a fee unless you sign a written engagement agreement obligating you to pay the fee for our services.

How do I start the initial case evaluation process with your firm?
You can submit your case online or you can contact us by telephone.

Will you need to see any documents to evaluate my case?
Yes. Basically, we will need to see all of the documents you have regarding your issue, including any communications and notes of communications between you and the potential defendant. We suggest that you also prepare a timeline of events, which will help us to evaluate the matter and to identify the specific documents we will need to review to make a decision regarding your case.

How long does your initial case evaluation take?
It depends. A decision to take some cases can be made within days. Other cases involve more investigation on our part. Our philosophy is that when we file a case, we would like to be able to go to trial on that case almost immediately. In evaluating cases, haste can make waste, so we kindly ask for patience in reviewing any matter.

Is everything I tell you confidential, even if you do not take my case?
Yes. The attorney-client privilege covers all communications between our firm and any prospective clients. That means that we cannot discuss your issue with anyone.

Must I tell you everything about my case?
Yes. You are not selling us your case, and we can guarantee you that everything about your matter can come to light, whether you want it to or not. If you hide something from us and it impacts your case and/or our relationship, we can seek to withdraw as your attorneys.

When can I tell people that you are my lawyer?
We are not your lawyer unless and until you and our firm sign our written engagement agreement. We kindly ask that you do not tell anyone that we are your lawyers or represent you in any way until you and our firm sign our written engagement agreement.

Do you take cases outside of the Los Angeles area?
Yes. We take cases throughout California.

Can I meet with Brandon Block in person?
Yes. Before we take your case, you most likely will need to meet with Brandon Block in person. Arrangements can be made if you are not in the Los Angeles area.

How do I get to your office?
We are located at 433 North Camden Drive, Suite 600, in Beverly Hills. Please click here for a map and directions to our office.

Will I always deal with Brandon Block?
For legal issues, yes. For nonlegal issues, you may deal with other members of our staff.

Will I be kept up to date on all developments in my case?
Yes. You will get periodic updates by email. You also will get copies of all pleadings and other key documents for your information and records.

How do you get paid in a contingency case?
If we win the case or it is settled in a favorable manner, the other side (the defendant) pays our fees and costs. Please contact us to discuss the specifics of payments to our firm in contingency cases.

How long will it take to resolve my case?
It depends. If your issue involves us bringing or defending a lawsuit, it can take anywhere from a couple of months to a couple of years to resolve your case. We will do our best to resolve your matter as quickly as possible, but many times, we are at the mercy of a very busy court system.

Will I have to take off from work if I file a lawsuit?
Possibly. You may need to attend a deposition, mediation and/or trial. Depositions are generally one day. Mediations can be anywhere from a half day to a whole day. Trial can last several days, depending on your case. You will be given advance notice of any dates and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

Can you help me without filing a lawsuit?
Maybe. Some issues can be resolved without litigation. Contact us to discuss your matter.

Do you handle bankruptcies?
No, but we may be able to assist you in retaining bankruptcy counsel and with filing lawsuits in a bankruptcy. Please contact us even if you are considering filing bankruptcy.