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Car Repossessed, Now What?

November 9, 2010

If you have a car loan, the lender can retake possession of your car after a default by “self-help” repossession. That means the lender does not need to file a lawsuit, but can just send the repossession company to pick up your car upon a default. Self-help repossession, while legal, is a drastic remedy and…

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DT Credit Class Action Payments

September 18, 2010

We have been informed that the checks to class members who are entitled a return of monies paid on deficiency balances were mailed today. Please contact us if you believe that you are entitled to a payment, but have not received one.

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New Debt Collection Scam

August 15, 2010

We have been informed of a new scam in which consumers are receiving telephone calls from fake debt collectors who are impersonating law enforcement officers in an effort to extort money related to an alleged internet payday loan. Please click here to read an alert from the Kansas Attorney General regarding this scam. We have…

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Send Credit Report Disputes To Furnishers

August 14, 2010

Whenever disputing a credit report with a credit reporting agency, consumers should also send a written dispute to the creditor or other furnisher (e.g., a debt collector) of the information. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, a furnisher’s investigation obligation arises only when it receives notice of the consumer’s dispute directly from the credit reporting…

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